UNAI PLAY Mobile Game Controller

A unique smartphone gaming case with 4 extra buttons that allow you to play faster and better… and to win more!


4 customizable buttons

Shooting, jumping, drifting,… You choose which feature or shortcut you want on which finger. You’re in control.

4 favorite functions

Drag your 4 favorite functions to the control zones at the top and control the game.

4 buttons headstart

Take a 4 button headstart over your opponent and pile up the victories. Winner winner chicken dinner.

More control, that’s what it’s about

With UNAI PLAY you have the ultimate mobile gaming console in your hands. Thanks to the 4 extra buttons, you are ready to play at any time. Say goodbye to aching fingers covering your screen at the decisive moment. Say goodbye to a bad K/D!

Compatible games
List of games

4x better accuracy for higher scores

Plug & play: less than 60s installation time

Protects your smartphone

Does not consume battery

  • Sturdy case, and only 30g
  • No app, cable or bluetooth needed
  • Feels comfortable when gaming
  • All smartphone functions can still be used

More wins for only €39



Good product for mobile gaming! Too bad it only supports a limited amount of games.

Adam / Play For Samsung S10

At first I couldn’t understand how this case could help me play better, because it looks like a regular phone case. But it is way beyond my expectations! I really enjoy it!

Jessica / Play For Samsung S10

This Unai case is perfect for mobile shooter games. It really gives you an advantage in PUBG!

Mike / Play For Samsung S10

Compatible games
How to use
Shipment & return

What games can I play?

UNAI PLAY can easily be used with all games with movable buttons.

Also watch the installation manual. It’s very easy to work out whether you can play your favourite game with UNAI PLAY.

These have already been successfully tested:

A-K: ARK – Asphalt 9: Legends – Asphalt Xtreme – Battle prime – Brawl Stars – Brawlhalla – Call of Duty – Creative Destruction – Critical Ops – Cyber Hunter – F1 Mobile – Fortnite – Free fire – Geometry Dash – Gods of Boom – Knives Out

L-Z: LifeAfter – Modern Combat 5 – Modern Strike Online – Pubg – Rules of Survival – Shadowgun Legends – Shadowgun War Games – Soul Knight – Utopia: Origin – Warface – World War Heroes

Why buy UNAI PLAY?

Enlarges your gaming skills, not your smartphone.

One time installation and always ready to play!

Hassle and cable free!

Ergonomic 4 button play mode.

Maximized screen view

Optimized materials for soft touch interaction

360° discreet protection


See also the manual here.

The installation could hardly be simpler and will be done in less than a minute.

UNAI PLAY consists of two transparent halves, held together by magnets. The front has 4 grey metal buttons, the back carries the ‘UNAI’ brand logo.

Separate the two halves of the case. The easiest way to do this is to put both thumbs together on the position of your smartphone’s (USB) connector, and then carefully separate the two halves.

Put your smartphone in the case, making sure to put the underside of the smartphone in the lower part of the case. Now put the top half on. You’ll hear the magnets clicking together.

Launch your favourite game app on your smartphone.

Now you can assign your desired game functions to each of the 4 buttons of the UNAI PLAY.

If necessary, go to the settings. Move up to 4 movable game buttons or folders: slide one under each of the UNAI PLAY’s 4 connection areas.

Tip: The connection areas can be found about 1 centimetre from each button of the UNAI PLAY on the front half of the case.

From now on, you’re ready to win!

How can I pay?

You can pay online with Bancontact (card and app), credit card (Visa – MasterCard – American Express) or IDEAL.

Unfortunately, cash payment is not possible.

When will I receive my parcel?

For Belgium: if you order before 3pm today, you will receive your package the next working day. In the Netherlands, you only have to wait 1 more working day. Even in the event of unforeseen pressure or circumstances, we will do everything we can to deliver the package to you within 3 working days. For other European countries, delivery times will be maintained in accordance with the provisions of the carrier.

If you place your order at the weekend, it will be processed on the next Belgian working day by our logistics partner.

As your order is sent in a secure envelope, in most cases it can be delivered to your letterbox, so you don’t have to be home.



Return policy

Here you can read our return policy.


All UNAI products are provided with a 2-year guarantee for manufacturing faults. This excludes any damage resulting from normal use, misuse, dropping, etc.

The UNAI Play is equipped with tempered glass for optimal touchscreen functionality. Our glass and the techniques have been aligned with the smartphone shape and the high-quality standards of the glass manufacturer. We only guarantee the proper functioning of UNAI PLAY based on the original glass of the smartphone.


Read here the warranty policy (article 6) in more detail

How can I recycle my product?

UNAI is conscious of the environment, just as you are. The UNAI PLAY consists of recyclable materials such as tempered glass, ABS plastic and magnets. So you can take your product to a recycling centre, generally without paying any additional costs.

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